Ginseng Information


Ginseng Information


◉ Ginseng-chicken broth


1 chicken, 2 fresh ginseng roots, 3 jujubes, 3 chestnuts, 1cup of glutinous rice sodden with water, 5 cloves of garlic, green onion, sait and black pepper.

How to cook

01  Select a chicken weighing no more than 600 grams and remove fat from the bottom part.

02  Place the chicken in cold water and thoroughly wash until all blood is removed. Remove the chicken and wipe off water.

03  Incise a 2 cm-long cut on both sides of the bottom of the chicken.

04  Scrub off the skin of ginseng with a knife and trim off sprouts. Wash again.

05  Take the glutinous rice after being soaked for three hours and drain the water. Put the rice inside the chicken together with 1 fresh ginseng root.

06  Bend both legs upward, crossing one leg over the other, and poke each foot into the cut previously made on both sides of the chicken. Bend the wings back to prevent movement during cooking. Place the chicken in a large pot.

07  Add enough water to the pot to immerse the entire chicken. Add the fresh ginseng roots that have been prepared, chestnuts, jujubes and garlic cloves and boil them sufficiently at a moderate temperature.

08  Chop the green onion into big pieces and wash in cold water. Mince fried eggs to fine slices.

09  Place thoroughly boiled chicken and broth into a serving bowl and serve along with chopped green onions, fried egg slices, salt and black pepper.

◉ Ginseng Soup


A half cup of jujubes, 10 cup of water, ahalf cup of chestnuts, tea-spoonful of salt, fresh ginseng roots and a cup of rice.

How to cook

01  Rice - Wash and immerse in water for about one hour.

02  Fresh ginseng roots - Choose fresh ones, scrub skin off with a knife and slice the trunk lengthwise.

03  IJujubes - Choose perfect ones and wash clean.

04  Scrub off the skin of ginseng with a knife and trim off sprouts. Wash again.

05  Chestnuts - Remove shell and inner skin. Divide big ones into two parts. Wash until no creamy substance appears.

06  Put 10 cups of water into a pot and add the fresh ginseng roots that have been prepared, chestnuts and jujubes. Bring to a boil.

07  Once water starts to boil, reduce the temperature and continue boiling, while collecting foam occasionally.

08  When all the contents appear to be mixed evenly, add rice and stir slowly and steadily until the rice is fully cooked.

09  Add salt before eating.

10  Having ginseng gruel between meals is good for recuperation.

◉ Ginseng Wine


3fresh ginseng roots, 4jujubes, 15 grams of ginger, 50 grams of sugar and 3 cup of soju (Korean native spinit)

How to cook

01  Using a brush, wash ginseng roots in water.

02  Wipe dirt from jujubes and make incisions. Skin ginger and slice into thin pieces.

03  Place 1 and 2 above into an airtight container and add sugar.

04  03 Add soju and close the cap. The aging process takes about six months.

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