Ginseng Information


Ginseng Information


◉ Chicken ginseng salad 


100 grams of chicken, 50 grams of lettuce, 1 fresh ginseng root, 1/4 pear, 4 chestnuts, 2 jujubes, 4 cm -long cucumber and 4 table-spoonfuls of mustard mayonnaise.

How to cook

01  Remove fat from chicken and season with salt and wine. Steam the chicken     and cut into thin strips after cooling. 

02  Pick leaves of lettuce by hand and immerse in water. Trim off root hairs from       ginseng using the back of a knife. 

03  Scrub cucumber under salt water to clean and cut into 4 cm-long and 1 cm-wide slices. 

04 Peel pear and remove seeds, then slice into pieces about the same size as the cucumber. Briefly, immerse the pear in sugared water briefly.

05  Peel jujubes and remove seeds. Cut into three sections. Cut chestnuts into thin strips and then wash.

06 Put all materials together in a bowl and add mustard mayonnaise before serving. 

◉ Ginseng Skewers 


50 grams of ginseng root, 2 table-spoonfuls of soysauce, powdered sesame mixed with salt, 1 tea-spoonful of minced garlic, 2 table-spoonfuls of minced green onion, 1 table-spoonful of sugar, 200 grams of meat, some walnuts and small amount of sesame seed oil. 

How to cook

01  Cut meat into 7 cm-long, 0.5 cm-thick, and 2 cm-wide slices, Mince slightly. 

02  Prepare the desired meat condiment sauce. 

03  Skewer meat and ginseng alternately. Cover with condiment sauce and roast on a pan after soaking. 

04  Serve with walnuts that have been mixed with small amounts of soy sauce and sugar and boiled down. 

◉ Salmon & ginseng with cold vegetables and various seasonings


Basic material Smoked salmon 150g, fresh ginseng 1, Kimchi 50g, winter mushroom 1 bag, lettuce 2 leaves, cucumber 1, radish sprout 100g, red pepper 1ea

* Bean paste & sesame sauce : 2 big spoonful of miso (Japanese bean paste), 1 big spoonful of hot pepper sauce, 2 big spoonful of powdered sesame mixed with salt, 2 big spoonful of minced garlic, 1 big spoonful of say saucem 1 big spoonful of sugar, 1 big spoonful of vinegar, 2 big spoonful of white wine, 1 big spoonful of seame oil

How to cook

01  Slice the smoked salmon.

02  Wash the fresh ginseng with brush, and shred to 3cm length.

03  Shred the kimchi to proper size.

04  Care winter mushroom, lettuce, cucumber, radish sprout, and red pepper to clean condition, and shred. Then put into ice water for a short time.

05  Put materials of 02,03,04 on 01 and roll it. Cut it into 3cm.

06  Make bean paste & sesame sauce by mixing the materials for sauce.

07  Put 05 on a dish neatly and serve together with 06.

◉ Chicken roll ginseng sauce 


2ea of breast of black bone fowl, pumpkin (approximately 300g), carrot (approximately 30g) green pepper (30g), Ham 30g, half vowel of cooled boiled rice, 1 root of ginseng (approximately 20g), fruit cocktail 1C9including syrup!) starch 1T, ketchup 2T, seame leaf 10, salt 1t, pepper 1t, sugar 1T, honey 3T

How to cook

01  Remove moisture of breast of black bone fowl with clean kitchen towel. Slice it to approximately 0.5cm thickness. Slice it to the opposite direction of the grain of chicken. Season the slices with salt and pepper.

02  Put pumpkin into steamer and steam for about 10 minutes enough to be softened. If it does not stick when stabbing with chopstick, it is steamed enough. Peel away the green skin and mash finely with sugar. The sweet taste of pumpkin increases by double. (Put little salt. It would make the sweet taste better with comparison phenomenon of taste!)

03  Making fried rice with ketchup.Dice carrot, green pepper and ham to about 0.3cm size, and stir-fry with boiled water cooled in refrigerator. Apply oil on pan and put garlic first for fragrance, and then fry carrot, green pepper, ham, ketchup and rice.

04  Wash sesame leaf at flowing water and remove the moisture with gauze. Remove the knob.

05  If it is hard to make chicken roll, it would be okay to roll it like roll sushi with roller. Put chicken slice, and then sesame leaf and pumpkin on it.

06  Again, put sesame leaf, fried rice and ginseng. And then roll it. The proper diameter of roll is 4cm.

07  Roast the completed chicken roll in oven till the chicken is cooked for about 15 minutes in the temperature of 150˚C.

08  Make two kinds of sauce, during the chicken is being cooked.To make ginseng sauce, grind ginseng and mix with honey in the ratio of 2:1.

09  Making fruit cocktail sauce-Cut fruit to proper size (you can use canned fruit cocktail.) Mix fruit cocktail and syrup in the ratio of 3T:1C and boil it. Make starch sauce with syrup 1T:starch 1T, and boil together. Then sweet and sour source is completed.

10  Put chicken roll on fruit cocktail sauce and add ginseng sauce. It is completed chicken roll with ginseng sauce.

◉ Ginseng Vegetable Vietnamese Roll 


root of ginseng, 1half carrot 1 half cucumber, 100g red cabbage 30g radish sprout, Enoki Mushroom 5 sheets of rice paper, Peanut sauce

How to cook

01  Clean the ginseng and tap with the back of a knife into thin slices.

02  Cut the carrot and cucumber in 5cm length and preserve them in vinegar and sugar.

03  Slice the red lettuce finely. Also, get the radish sprout and enoki mushroom ready.

04  Drop the rice paper in to the boiling water instantly and take it out. On the smooth paper, put the ingredients 1, 2, 3 and roll them together.

05  Serve with the peanut sauce on the plate

06  It is a good appetizers with drinks or a good snack with the harmonious

07  taste of bitter scent of ginseng and fresh vegetable.

◉ Ginseng and Freshwater snail mix 


2 roots of ginsengs 100g freshwater snail 1 half cucumber 10 sheets sesame leaves, 1 half onion, small green onion, sesame, 2Ts red pepper powder, 2/1Ts red pepper paste, 3 Ts sugar, 2 Ts vinegar, sesame oil, salt

How to cook

01  Clean the ginseng and cut into thin slices in 5 cm.

02  Cut the cucumber and onion into thin slices of the same length as the ginseng.

03  Fold the sesame leaves into half and cut into thin slices. Also, cut the small reen onion into thin slices.

04  Add the freshwater snail and 01,02,03 to the prepared seasonings. And gently stir them together to get well mixed.

05  If it is not salty enough, season with salt rather than adding more pepper paste

06  Serve in a big dish and sprinkle the sesame on the salad.

07  It tastes freshly while the bitter taste of ginseng harmonized with the freshwater snail.

◉ Ginseng and Chicken Skewer


2 root of ginsengs, 200g Chicken breast, 1 half paprika, 1 half broccoli, 100g white button mushrooms, 1Ts soy sauce, 1Ts sugar, 1Ts sesame oil

How to cook

01  Clean the ginseng and cut into half horizontally. Then, cut into the length of 3cm.

02  Marinate chicken fillet with pepper and salt. Then cut into the length of 3cm.

(If the chicken is too thick, it would take a long time to cook. Adjust the thickness properly)

03  Trim the paprika, broccoli, button mushroom in the same size to skewer them easily.

04  Skewer the paprika, ginseng, marinated chicken piece, broccoli, button mushroom in order. And, marinate them in the soy sauce.

05  After seasoning get soaked well, broil them in the oven and serve on the dish.

06  Keep the order above to enjoy the unique scent of the ginseng after having chicken. Pimentos are available instead of the paprika.

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